The Wild Bunch - 十三太保

Other name: Sap Sam Tai Bo, The Thirteen Protectors
Category: Hong Kong Drama 1982
Genre(s): Romance, Wuxia, Drama
Release: Aug 30, 1982 - Sep 24, 1982 Runtime: Monday to Friday
Episode(s): 20 Status: Ep20 END
Broadcast: TVB Language: Cantonese Subtitle: Chinese
Director(s): Johnnie To Writer(s): Johnnie To
Cast(s): Felix Wong, Kent Tong, Idy Chan, Paul Chun
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Set in the chaotic waning years of the Tang Dynasty, the drama revolves around a secretive assassin organization under the wings of a ruthless warlord. Political and personal ambitions clash as brotherhood is put to the test and court conspiracies weave dangerous fates for all the players caught in the dangerous game.

In the chaotic aftermath of the Tang Dynasty, China falls into a warlord era with Lee Hak Yung (Paul Chun) and Chu Wan (Lau Siu Ming) contending for the empire. Using the beauty of his daughter Wan Lo (Idy Chan) as bait, Lee attracts to his services thirteen top swordsmen of different martial arts sects, dubbed the "Thirteen Protectors". As the top swordsman of the organization, Chun Hau (Felix Wong) becomes Lee's most trusted assassin and wins Wan Lo's love. Ambitious fellow Protector Kwan Lei (Kent Tong), however, has significantly greater designs in mind, and he's determined to eliminate Chun Hau whom he sees as a threat to his position.

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